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From: Schwenk, Jeanie
Subject: update
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 17:05:06 -0700

We've had a cvs update that didn't work.   The file startComponents.cfg
version 1.2 was in my scripts directory.  The scripts directory had been
checked out days before from the repository.  Another user modified the file
the file and checked it in (version 1.3).  I did a cvs update and got the "M
startComponents.cfg" but the file did not actually update.

In order to get the updated file, I had to delete the file in my directory
THEN do an update.  Now I have the correct file. 

Could it be a permissions problem?  The scripts directory is wide open and
the file had permissions rw-rw-r--.  When I do an update, does the update
run as me or as CVS?  Could that be why it didn't update or is it something

This is a serious issue and I need to understand what happened.  


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