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From: Minh Trieu
Subject: CVS + LDAP
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 18:05:06 +1000

Hi, we have a few linux servers here in the office. CVS is hosted on one of
the servers, it has been working fine for a while now. We decided to setup
LDAP last week to make user account management easier. We formatted the old
servers and reinstalled linux on them. Does CVS need to be setup in a
particular way for it to work with LDAP?

Whats really funny is the linux server basically has only 1 account "root"
the rest is from the LDAP server. a few of the accounts from the LDAP server
is able to do a cvs login successfully, as for the others, when i do a cvs
login and enter in the password i get "cvs login: authorization failed:
server 'nameofserver' rejected access to /cvsroot for user 'nameofuser' even
though the password is correct as setup on the LDAP server.

Any help is appreciated

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