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CVS/Root overrides people's CVSROOT environment variables?

From: Beachey, Kendric
Subject: CVS/Root overrides people's CVSROOT environment variables?
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 11:16:00 -0500

We've run into a problem in the case of having multiple people using the same working copy--I know it sounds dumb, but here's the deal.  On our development webserver, I went and checked out a working copy of our site from CVS, to serve as the fodder for the webserver to serve up.  Doing this created many CVS/Root files that have my username embedded in the :pserver: line.

Now when someone else wants to work on the development box, and they try to do a cvs command, cvs looks at the line in CVS/Root before it looks at the person's own CVSROOT environment variable.  Thus, it always thinks the other person is me.  Is there a way to get this "search order" reversed?  The workaround is for people to use the -d parameter to cvs, which is annoying (although one guy just used an alias to get around it).

This box has CVS 1.10.8 installed.

Kendric Beachey

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