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RE: possible bug

From: Jeremy Finke
Subject: RE: possible bug
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 14:05:34 -0500

no, the firewall has nothing to do with it...  I can put 2 boxes "next to
eachother" and  Doesn't work...  Plus, I can update
and status anything...  The client itself does not attempt to make a
connection to the other box...  It looks like it is trying to access a local
filesystem when you look at truss....  And there are no outgoing network
packets when I use a sniffer...

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Subject: Re: possible bug

Jeremy Finke writes:
> So, I tried a couple of other things..  Along the way, I discovered that I
> could checkout from repositories that weren't mine.  So, I could check out
> mozilla and ccvs.  So, I decided to set up a couple of more repositories,
> now wondering if it was my server.  Nope, still no go.  When I did a cvs
> <project>, it would just sit there and hang.  However, I did discover that
> could checkout from the local pserver.

That's almost certainly a networking problem -- probably a misconfigured

-Larry Jones

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