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Re: Administrative File Hooks

From: David Fuller
Subject: Re: Administrative File Hooks
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 12:55:17 -0400

mymodule (echo %{sVv}; cat) | /foo/

A very basic example.  For a real setup you would pass the %{sVv} as a
parameter to the script, and the script would also process its stdin for
the rest of the log information ('cat' in the above example).

-- David F.

"Furmaniuk, Michael" wrote:
>   Reading through the Fogel book and some of the CVS documentation I'm
> trying to hook in some scripts to the commitinfo and loginfo files, I'd like
> to start copying some of the checkin file info so I can start creating some
> Build Reports.  I'm having some trouble getting the format right for calling
> scripts with loginfo, are there any scripts available I can get a look at to
> get an idea of how I can format my scripts correctly?  I'm most interested
> in the format for the input.
>   I'm using perl, and right now just trying to get the inputs from the
> loginfo file to print out to a file, I am able to get the script to fire off
> and create the file, but I am not getting any input from the log, or the
> filename and revision when I use the %{sv}.
>   Thanks,
>   Michael

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