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Re Help - CVS has been dumped on me (from originator)

From: jim westoby
Subject: Re Help - CVS has been dumped on me (from originator)
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 09:11:36 +0100

Thank you to the people who replied.
Firstly for anyone who won't read further. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Sensible helpful replies, no flames, it is much appreciated.
I have a few avenues to explore now (I thought I might need a Unix login for something) but no one came back and said I was doing anything obviously wrong so that's a plus from my view.
To Mark (and anyone else) yes, I'm using WinCVS 1.2 and CVS 1.11 client. Sorry I should have thought.
I can login OK (CVS exits with code 0) and the CVSROOT is set up OK (see below, edited again).

CVSROOT: (password authentication)

TCL is available, shell is enabled : help (select and press enter)

cvs login

(Logging in to

*****CVS exited normally with code 0*****

cvs -t checkout -P exe/connect


cvs checkout: notice: main loop with CVSROOT=:pserver:address@hidden:/usr/local/cvsroot

S-> do_module (exe/connect

, Updating, , )

cvs server: cannot find module `exe/connect

' - ignored

cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot expand modules

*****CVS exited normally with code 1*****


So because of (and in spite of!) all your help it looks like until I get a real Unix logon I am stuck, have to wait until the H/W bod returns. Well even a negative is a result!

Thanks again

    jim westoby

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