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Re: name of the main trunk

From: Cameron, Steve
Subject: Re: name of the main trunk
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 08:23:09 -0500

W. L. Estes (address@hidden) wrote:

> I have most of a project on its main trunk. 
> There is a branch. I'd like to propagate the changes from the main
> trunk onto the branch because they include bug fixes and such that the
> branch should have incorporated into it. So, I, according to the
> manual, want to use "cvs update -j". But that option wants the name of
> the branch/tag. What is the name of the main trunk for this purpose?

I have a patch which gives the name ".trunk" to the trunk,
which acts like a branch tag name for the trunk, (and which
people on this list are probably tired of hearing about :-)

It is here:

I'm not sure the patch still patches cleanly against the latest
sources... haven't tried it in a few weeks, but it shouldn't be
much off if it doesn't just work.

I consider the patch fairly well tested, with the exception of what
it does in the presense of vendor branches, which I've never

-- steve 

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