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RE: Merging trunk changes into a branch

From: John Daniel Doucette
Subject: RE: Merging trunk changes into a branch
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 14:46:11 -0300

At 2001_08_22 Wednesday 09:48 AM -07004, Pyatt, Scott wrote:
>From John Daniel Doucette:
> According to CVS documentation, "Karl Fogel",, 'HEAD'
> can be used anywheres a revision is required.   However, I have found that

> it doesn't always work if used as a revision parameter to the 'cvs diff'
> command.

I've read a couple of times now that "HEAD" does not work consistantly with
"cvs diff".  However, I have yet to hear anyone describe when it works, when
it doesn't and what behavior it exhibits when it doesn't work.  Can you



Say your repository has a trunk with tagged revisions trunk_1, trunk_2, trunk_3, ..., trunk_6. Create a branch at trunk_2, called branch_trunk_2, and proceed to develop along the branch creating tagged branch revisions branch_1 branch_2, branch_3 ..., branch_5. Now trunk_6 is the latest trunk version and should be equivelant to HEAD. Branch_5 is the latest branch_trunk_2 version. If you check out a working copy using '-r branch_trunk_2' or '-r branch_5' and do a 'cvs diff -r HEAD' you get NO changes at all. If you do a 'cvs diff -r trunk_6' however, you get changes. There doesn't appear to be a way to diff from a working branch to the HEAD of trunk without actually knowing the tag of the tip of trunk. 'cvs update -j HEAD' however does appear to notice changes, and will merge files from the tip of the trunk into your working branch directory. However, if you check out a working copy of the latest trunk using either '-r trunk_6' or no -r at all, you can do a cvs diff -r branch_trunk_2 and get changes. This behaviour is exhibited on my machine with either WinCVS 1.2 command-line tools, and Cygwin CVS 1.11. Come to think of it I have never actuall seen diff work using the '-r HEAD' option!

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