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RE: Locking support

From: Ellison, Martin [IT]
Subject: RE: Locking support
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 08:48:06 +1000

me: I suspect that we will need mandatory reservation...

Greg Woods: You probably should look at some other tool than CVS then....  I
would  recommend Aegis if your group is willing to get into doing more
formal change management, or maybe TCCS if not (or something commercial).

Are there any other freeware tools for version control? Where do I find
about Aegis and TCCS? 

I'm not interested in CVS because it can do concurrent edits. I'm interested
because CVS is a stable version control system that supports multiple
platforms (and because it's freeware).
Greg Woods:  Either that or perform some "gentle" re-education on your

Should we modify the people to suit the software or the software to suit the


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