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RE: Locking support

From: Noel L Yap
Subject: RE: Locking support
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 19:24:31 -0400

>Of course you might ask someone already in the water if it's deep enough
>for you to dive in, but they did, and you gave them a truthful answer.
>If they were afraid they couldn't do a shallow dive then they should
>have just gone for a belly flop and hoped the pain would be over soon.
>(After all they weren't getting back off the diving board with that
>bully standing back there telling them to jump or be pushed!  ;-)

To many developers, concurrent development isn't just diving into a pool, it's
more like cliff diving.  Just because someone else was able to do it (and
possibly even enjoys it) doesn't mean it'll be a pleasant experience for them.

>You sure as heck don't usually go diving, even just off the edge of the
>pool with crutches under your arms....

This is true, but a parachute (or something more appropriate) to slow one down
might be enough for others to try out cliff diving.

>(Now the "cvs edit" stuff (patched or not) isn't a crutch if it's being
>used as *the* primary developer intercommunications tool, but I'm not
>sure it's suitable for that, so I still don't really see much point in
>supporting it.)

The "cvs edit -c" patch isn't meant to be a intercommunication tool, it's meant
to facilitate interdeveloper communication by giving more information to the
developer at the time it's appropriate.  For example, it's not a medium for
communication (eg email or telephone), but it should inspire someone to use such
a medium when the time arises.

In this light, I think it serves its purpose well (if not perfectly) when used
properly.  Why do you think otherwise?

If one were to make "cvs edit" more of a communication tool, one can add edit
comments that'll get reported when one does a "cvs editors".  Of course, such
comments may or may not be enough to decide whether to do a "cvs edit -f".


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