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Bug with loginfo and CVSROOT administrative file rebuilding ?

From: Olivier Berger
Subject: Bug with loginfo and CVSROOT administrative file rebuilding ?
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 14:49:11 +0200


Has anybody noticed the same :

If CVSROOT/loginfo contains a rule which launches a script on commits in
CVSROOT/, and if the script fails, then the files in CVSROOT won't get
checkout-out again (rebuilding administrative files stage, after the

The administrative file rebuilding apparently occurs after the custom
actions defined in loginfo... Wouldn't it be better to do it first ?

And anyway, the administrative files should ever be reconstructed even
if loginfo actions fail... otherwise, you can have some kind of deadlock
situation :

You make a modification in CVSROOT/loginfo (btw, making such
modifications must be done via CVS and not directly editing the
checked-out copy ;). You specify a rule which might fail on certain
conditions on commits in CVSROOT (for instance a typo in parameters
You commit this modification.

CVSROOT/loginfo gets modified on the server and activates the new rule
(which contains the error)

Now you commit on another file, say CVSROOT/modules for instance... and
the rule triggers, but conducts to an error.

Although the commit was recorded in CVSROOT/modules,v, the
administrative aren't reconstruted, and CVSROOT/modules doesn't include
your committed modifications :(

There is then no way to modify the CVSROOT/loginfo checkout-out version,
if this his the way to correct the bug, other than asking the sysadmin
to do it... You get rather stuck ;)

I consider this a bug... which should be fairly easy to correct...

Anybody comments on this ?

Best regards,
Olivier BERGER                          IDEALX S.A.S.
Développeur senior                      15-17, av. de Ségur                          F-75007 PARIS                

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