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Re: same file multilple places

From: Greg A. Woods
Subject: Re: same file multilple places
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 12:48:37 -0400 (EDT)

[ On Thursday, August 23, 2001 at 13:38:53 (+0200), Henrik Gemal wrote: ]
> Subject: same file multilple places
> I'de like to only have the file "error.cgi" checked in once so if I
> update the file in either killer or sucker the other will be updated the
> next time I do cvs update

You need a "build system" to copy the one source file to the multiple
destination directories (or alternately to copy the source file to one
place in the product hierarchy and then create (sym)links in the product
directory to point at that one canonical copy of the source file).

CVS is not a "build system" itself so you'll have to look externally to
something like "make", or just some scripts that you run to "compile"
your product files.

                                                        Greg A. Woods

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