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RE: cvswrappers and binary files

From: Bishop, Murray
Subject: RE: cvswrappers and binary files
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 07:28:52 +1000

> From: ar2kcm [SMTP:address@hidden
> Sent: Friday, August 24, 2001 2:58 AM
> If I add the following to my cvswrappers file to catch common binaries,
> will
> all binary files added to the repository ensure that line ending
> conversion
> and keyword expansion is turned off by default?
> [currently running CVS v1.10]
> *.a -k 'b' -m 'COPY'
> *.so -k 'b' -m 'COPY'
> *.avi -k 'b' -m 'COPY'
> *.doc -k 'b' -m 'COPY'
I'm another using 1.10.
With some windows (based on cvs 1.9.28) command line clients and 
OS/2 EMX (based on Andreas Hubers port of CVS 1.10) pserver 
and command line clients.

What I have in my cvswrappers is lines like 

*.DOC -k 'b'
*.[Dd][Oo][Cc] -k 'b'

The first line makes the case insensitive OS/2 EMX port happy to
treat foo.DoC as binary.
The second lets the windows port treat foo.DoC as binary too.

My guess is you want to do like the second line if you have
windows clients adding or importing to your repository.

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