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Re: Branch Locking

From: Kent Henneuse
Subject: Re: Branch Locking
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 09:40:14 -0700

A potential fix or way to workaround branch locking not being in CVS is
to create a script in commitinfo to check whether the file is going in
a specific branch.  I have not implemented this nor have I even toyed
commitinfo to see what sort of information is passed, but from all I
read it seems like a method for doing this.

I am not sure about discontinued branches though.  In a previous life I 
saw branch locking used to control who was allowed to checkin fixes to 
a release.  This way only approved fixes were allowed in for making a 
patch from the branch.  I know that Perforce has this sort of mechanism
but it is probably is because you finer control over users.  Not having
dug to deep into CVS in this area I can't say for sure.

Anybody please correct any of the statements above that are wrong.


Torbjörn Axelsson wrote:
> Jim Ray <address@hidden> writes:
> > Does CVS have any mechanism where I can lock a release branch from writing?
> >
> > TIA,
> >
> > jim
> Not yet. :-)
> Since there is so many people asking about it I got an idea that just
> might be possible:
> Discontinued branches.
> My question to those who have been into the cvs source is:
> Would it be hard to add information that a branch is discontinued and
> stop checkins on those branches?
> I've got half a mind to do it just for the heck of it, unless someone
> axes the idea completely (or beats me to it).
> rgds
> /Torbjörn
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