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Race condition merging branches

From: Carel Fellinger
Subject: Race condition merging branches
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 15:15:10 +0200
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I've done my share of reading, looked over several month of info-cvs
archives, but unable to find a search function on that archive I give
in and ask here.  I'm sure I must be overlooking something.

I've a branch and a trunk and I want to merge things from the branch
back into the trunk. I regularly tag the branch with tags like
branch_3, the branch tag is branch. I naively thought that the
follwing would do:

  cvs rtag -r branch branch_n
  cvs update -j branch_n-1 -j branch_n

but this obviously leaves out the stuff in branch_n, so I have
to use the generic branch tag and switch command order:

  cvs update -j branch_n-1 -j branch
  cvs rtag -r branch branch_n

but how can I be sure that in between those two cvs commands nobody
added something to the branch? That would be really bad, as it would
be left out in the next iteration of branch merges were I would do:

  cvs update -j branch_n -j branch
  cvs rtag -r branch branch_n+1

I could ofcourse use crude measures like

  on the branch$ cvs commit -f "just bumping up ALL version nrs"
  on the branch$ cvs tag branch_n

and proceed from there.  But this seems overkill for something that
must hit everybody now and again. Unless ofcourse I'm stupid and
overlooking the obvious.

-- groetjes, carel

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