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Re: cvsadmin group is ignored; ! in cvsignore does not work

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: cvsadmin group is ignored; ! in cvsignore does not work
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 10:18:25 -0400 (EDT)

dominik writes:
> I would like only some users to be able to use the admin command.
> So I created a "cvsadmin" group (the server runs on redhat linux 7.1)
> and put the cvs user names of those people into this group
> (The source code seems to indicate that cvs user names rather than
> system accounts have to be used here. Am I right?),

No, you need system accounts.
> Btw. I am mapping all cvs user names to the system account "cvs".
> Would it work if I created an ordinary system account for every CVS
> user?

You need to create at least two system accounts -- one for people who
are allowed to use admin and one for people who aren't.  Creating a
separate system account for each user is recommended since it allows you
to use normal system permissions for controlling access to files and
directories and it can provide better accountability (although not with
pserver, some would argue).

> Second question:
> I wonder how to use the ! in the repository-wide cvsignore file in
> I do not want to have *.exe files ignored when importing, updating and
> releasing, so I tried the following in the file CVSROOT/cvsignore
> (i.e. for the whole repository):
> This doesn't work!

It works locally, but it doesn't work client/server.  That's a bug in
CVS's client/server implementation.  Someone was working on a fix, but I
haven't heard anything about it in months.

-Larry Jones

I've got PLENTY of common sense!  I just choose to ignore it. -- Calvin

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