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how to update tagged files?

From: JM Murillo
Subject: how to update tagged files?
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 13:26:05 +0100

I have a working copy of a module in my local area. When i change some files
of this working copy, i do a commit of these files. Next, i tag these
modified files with the same tag and then i do a update of these files in
another working copy. To do the update of the files, i reference to the tag,
but when i do the update, the other files in the second working copy are
removed and only the tagged files aren't removed. I would like to do this,
but without removing any file of the second working copy. There is a option
at update command that do something like this, but when i do the update with
this option, the other files in the second working copy are tagged with the
same tag automatically. My problem is that with this option, i don`t know
which files are the modified (i want to distinguish them with the tag). Is
there any way to do it without removing the other files and without tagging
the other files? I know that is posible do it individually for each file,
but i want to do it for a entire directory in the working copy.


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