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Re: Common code base for different projects

From: Paul Sander
Subject: Re: Common code base for different projects
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 11:18:39 -0700

I can think of a couple of relatively easy ways to do this, and both
begin with factoring out the common code into a separate module.  Then
you can either include the common module in the definition of the
others, or you can build it separately and use build-time references
to access it.

See the CVS documentation regarding the modules database for info on
how to implement the first method.  My buildref tools (located at can assist with the second method.

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I have started a repository which now has files I would like to use in 
other projects (say like the files creating a library). The development 
on these files will definitely continue.

What is the best way to do this in CVS? How can I share this set of 
"common files" between projects?

I wanted to create different modules for different projects. Does this 
suggest that I should move out the common files to another module, such 
that any project ( therefore a module on CVS) based on these files will 
be referring to this common module somwhow??? (how? ) - But it sounds 
inefficient in terms of usability ...

Replicating these files in each module is definitely out of question. 
Cause i have to replicate the change on all modules using these files.

Creating a branch on the old module is not logical ( two different 
projects kept in the same module) Or maybe this is what it should be????????

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