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changing the default branch?

From: Nils9
Subject: changing the default branch?
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 01:13:37 +0300

I need to make a certain branch to be default instead
of trunk, there is command admin -bBRANCH.
I did checkout from that BRANCH, and then ran this
admin -bBRANCH. Then I tried unconditional checkout
to verify if this works, and yes it is, but only for files,
which have actual revisions in that BRANCH, but those
with revisions only in trunk generate this error:

*** cvs server: nothing known about AAB/RCIConfig.cpp

Is there a workaround? I really need this BRANCH to come
out upon unconditional checkout/commit.
Other way would be overwriting/merging(?) the BRANCH into
trunk.What should I do?

-Nils Jakobson

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