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Re: Asking CVS if a repository/module/tag exists.

From: John Daniel Doucette
Subject: Re: Asking CVS if a repository/module/tag exists.
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 08:38:19 -0300

Thanks Larry!

cvs rdiff  works like a charm, and it is much faster too!

At 2001-08-28 Tuesday 09:41 -04004, Larry Jones wrote:
John Daniel Doucette writes:
> Given a <repository>, <module>, and <tag> is there a polite way to ask CVS
> if the combination exists, without actually checking it out, that would
> work in a make file.

How about:

        cvs -d <repository> rdiff -r <tag> -r <tag> <module>

-Larry Jones

I always send Grandma a thank-you note right away.  ...Ever since she
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