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Re: Compiling CVS 1.10.7 on Intel/Solaris7

From: Seb
Subject: Re: Compiling CVS 1.10.7 on Intel/Solaris7
Date: 30 Aug 2001 06:11:50 -0700

address@hidden (Seb) wrote in message news:<address@hidden>...
> Anybody who did it on that platform maybe using another version of the
> code ?
> if I try to use the cvs command all I got is a message saying that
> there's a syntax error at line 1 : unspecified ')' ? Is cvs trying to
> run a shell script ?
> Thanks

I'll put all the details together and add some more:

Platform: PC running Solaris 7 for Intel

I downloaded the source code for CVS v.1.10.7 ( version distibuted on for Solaris 7 for SPARC)

I executed:

And everything looked fine.

When I try to create a repository using cvs init, all I get is :
syntax error at line 1: unspecified ')'

Executing cvs without parameters gives me the same error instead of
giving me the command format with the list of possible parameters.

I checked if I was really running /usr/local/bin/cvs, not a script
somewhere else in the PATH.

I installed CVS before on Solaris 8/SPARC before without any problems.

I would like to know if anybody already installed that version of CVS
on that specific platform and how they did it. Any prerequisites I
should be aware of?

Let me know if you need more details.

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