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Re: Common code base for different projects

From: Arcin Bozkurt - Archie
Subject: Re: Common code base for different projects
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 11:22:20 -0400
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Q) Without loosing the history for those files, how do I move them out
of the current module, and create a seperate module for them. Would
moving the ,v files in the repository do the job?

It all depends on the history of your repository, including how and when
it was created.

well, they are big... at least I don't want to loose the history of those files.

Why do you think you need to preserve "the history" of those files?

Because they are in continuous development, and there may be things we may want to refer back. There are many Tag's on those files that I want to keep.

Why not start a new project with a canonical copy of those files?

(i.e. why not create a new module, check out an empty working directory
for them [cvs -f co newmodule], copy the files into the new working
directory and then add them all to the new repository with "cvs add"?)

Well, this way i lose the history and any tags, etc.

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