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Renaming a branch

From: Alexander Zhuckov
Subject: Renaming a branch
Date: 30 Aug 2001 22:00:00 +0400
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I know that I can rename a symbolic tag with the following commands:

  $ cvs rtag -r old-name new-name modulename
  $ cvs rtag -d old-name modulename

But now I need to rename a branch. Suppose I have a branch named
release-1-0 created with the command:

  $ cd .../moduledir
  $ cvs tag -b release-1-0

After some time and development on that branch I decided that old name
is bad and I need a new name for the branch -- branch-1-0. Will the
following commands do what I need?

  $ cvs rtag -r release-1-0 temp-branch-1-0 modulename
  $ cvs rtag -d release-1-0 modulename
  $ cvs rtag -b -r temp-branch-1-0 branch-1-0 modulename
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