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CVSRootIP app to replace old w/ new ip

From: eric07
Subject: CVSRootIP app to replace old w/ new ip
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 06:14:28 GMT

Thanks to help from people in this earlier group I found that when the
servers ip changes then the client has to change all the ip on it.
I use windows and WinCVS for my client so i have to find all the Root
files in the CVS directories and change the old ip to the new ones.
I figure it will take forever everytime to manually change it so i
created a console app to do it for me.  called CVSRootIP
cvsroot c:\projects\SampleApp

1.  c:\projects\SampleApp is the root directory for the project ( util
willd do a recurse search for all Root in cvs )

2.  first ip is the old ip that will be replace
3.  the new ip to use

If anyone is interested in this util let me know and i'll send it to
you with the source.  Util wont change the world or anything but is
usefull for people using cvs on windows for the client.


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