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RE: cvs update; merge

From: Peter Ring
Subject: RE: cvs update; merge
Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2001 01:43:53 +0200

Well currently, I do have a normalized text file format in the repository,
it's just that a few of these files happen to have CR as the last character
on each line ... for this repository, I consider the 'good ol' native' CVS
port to be broken.

BTW, the most popular graphical CVS client on Win32, WinCVS, can be
configured to use LF as end-of-record. And Java clients also typically use
LF as end-of-record.

If I still had to maintain text files intended for use on MacOS, I would
have a problem though. As a work-around for the RCS heritage, I used to have
some build-scripts doing conversions. I still feel it's a bit artificial
though, introducing extra layers to compensate for a backseat-driving tool.

Kind regards
Peter Ring

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From: Greg A. Woods [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: 31. august 2001 06:54
To: Peter Ring
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Subject: RE: cvs update; merge


You're asking for a nightmare.  You DO NOT want a mix of types of text
files in your repository, whether you know it yet or not.  You really do
want to have a normalised text format in the repository, and if your
repository is a CVS-based one then that format must be a unix-style format.


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