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One source directory, two repositories.

From: Stu
Subject: One source directory, two repositories.
Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2001 21:53:18 GMT

    I have a dream.  I want to have 2 CVS trees. One with the changes that
make up a production build and one with the one liner daily changes.
Basically I don't want to make a mess of my production build tree with test
changes and little bug fixes 10 times a day.
    What I'm looking for is a better/already known way of accomplishing that
goal, but since I don't know of any, here's what I was planning on doing...
    I'm going to take the cvs source code, change CVSROOT to XXXROOT, change
.cvsignore to .xxxignore, and change the CVS control information directory
name to XXX, and call the program xxx. So when you xxx commit, it will
update the XXXROOT and XXX control information, and when you run cvs, it
will update CVSROOT and so on.
    I'll have XXX ignore CVS and CVS ignore XXX via the .cvsignore and
.xxxignore files.
    I haven't looked at the source code to cvs yet, I'm hoping this is a
small change.

    When all is said and done (and I realize it's going to be a pain to get
it into this state, but it's possible) you can have one directory with your
project source code in it, and be able to do daily commits to one tree and
production commits to the other, without having to copy source code

    Does anybody know of such a thing already built into cvs that I'm
missing? Or is there a better way to get this kind of functionality
with/without cvs?

    Thanks all.

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