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Corey's patch and importing from RCS

From: Ellison, Martin [IT]
Subject: Corey's patch and importing from RCS
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 22:01:08 +1000

I have experienced some problems importing RCS modules into CVS when using
Corey Minyard's perm patches.

Normally, it is possible to import from RCS by creating an empty CVS
repository and then copying in the RCS repository.

However, if I do this with Corey's patch enabled, when a user checks out a
module, they get lots of "missing owner file" and "missing perm file"

Applying the following script to the repository seems to fix the problem.

Is this correct? Is all of this required?

[By the way, Corey, cvs chown still dumps core, even with perm12].

#!/usr/local/bin/perl -w
use strict;

my $userid = "myuser";
my $top = "/path/to/wherever";

sub fixdir($) {
    my ($dir) = @_;
    print STDERR "Fixing $dir...\n";
    for my $sub_dir (`ls -d $dir/*`) {
        chomp $sub_dir; 
        if (-d $sub_dir) {
    open OWNER, ">$dir/owner" or die "cannot open $dir/owner";
    print OWNER "$userid\n";
    close OWNER;
    open PERMS, ">$dir/perms" or die "cannot open $dir/perms";
    print PERMS "ALL:cwr\n";
    close PERMS;

fixdir $top;

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