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Re: ~/.cvsrc is not read !

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: ~/.cvsrc is not read !
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 11:06:17 -0400 (EDT)

Patrick Goldbronn - SFME/LGLS writes:
> I wrote a .cvsrc file which contains 'cvs -r' line because I want get
> read only file to force use of cvs edit command.
> Unfortunatly, when I run 'cvs co MODULE', I get all sources files in rw
> mode and not in ro :-((

Well, the only possibilities I can think of are that the file is in the
wrong place, it has the wrong name, or it has the wrong format.  When
you run CVS, is $HOME set?  If so, is it set to the directory that
contains your .cvsrc file?  You did create the file on the client rather
than the server, no?

-Larry Jones

I'll be a hulking, surly teen-ager before you know it!! -- Calvin

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