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Re: Locking support

From: bclark
Subject: Re: Locking support
Date: 05 Sep 2001 15:24:28 GMT
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Greg A. Woods <address@hidden> wrote:
: [ On , September 4, 2001 at 20:57:23 (GMT), 
: address@hidden wrote: ]
:> Subject: Re: Locking support
:> What are talking about?  How many OO languages are familiar with?
:> I'll let you figure out where you have over-generalized here.

: I've been intimately familair with Smalltalk, the father of all OO
: languages, since about 1982 or so, and I have been aware of it and OO
: concepts and their importance in computer science since about 1977.

Aren't you special?!?!

: The concepts are pretty obvious here.  What's perhaps confusing to some
: is the mixing of OO programming in environments traditionally tailored
: to procedural programming languages.


: Of course I can't make excuses for half-baked ideas that try to pass
: themselves off as OO.....

Ah, the typically response from one who knows not what they are
talking about.

:> PVCS.  And yes I am quite aware there is a command line version.

: I guess you should be more accurate about the things you claim then....

And you should be more accurate in your corrections.  You said:

>>> "PVCS" or "PVSC"?  I.e. Polytron Verson Control System?

What exactly is a Verson Greg?  Wasn't that the Aztec god of
stupidity?  If your going to start flaming typos...

:>  My
:> company has chosen not to spring for that.

: Oh well....  You create the circumstances you must live with.....

What are you talking about?  Have you ever worked in a company with
more then ten people?  How about more then one person?

:> Yes.  It is not.  I don't remember ever saying I was looking for a new
:> tool.  We are quite happy with CVS, despite the fact that it bugs you so
:> that we are "mis-using" it.

: Seems at least some people intimately involved with your work don't
: think CVS is right for you......

Let me repeat:  What are talking about?  Have you ever worked in a
company with more then ten people?  How about more then one person?

:> : Finally are you really sure I'm the only person who finds concurrent
:> : development to be an important aspect of any medium to large project?
:> : I'd venture to say that *ALL* of the major users of CVS use it primarily
:> : for its ability to support concurrent (parallel) development in
:> : traditional source-code projects.  The *BSD projects leap instantly to
:> : mind, but there are many other very large projects, both public and
:> : private, using CVS primarily because of this ability.  To all of these
:> : projects the client/server ability is still only secondary.
:> I never said that...Thus the rest of the above paragraph is pretty
:> much irrelevant.

: Excuse me?  Most of your silly jabs are pretty, well, silly.

Sure, the later ones were.  They were designed to illustrate how
ridiculous this conversation has become.  But the above is not a jab.
You grossly mis-characterized what I said in the first sentence of the
above paragraph, thus making the rest of the paragraph irrelevant.

I feel like I'm trying to convince a creationist that evolution
deserves a fair shake in public schools.  All of the arguments you
throw back at me are evangelical in nature.  Is the orthodox use of
CVS exactly as it was designed and not an inch more a religion for
you Greg?

: However this cannot go unchallenged.  Yes, you certainly did say that
: you though I was the only person who found concurrent development to be
: an important aspect of a large project!

Hmm...I don't believe "though" is a verb.  But if "thought" is what you
meant, could you please provide my exact quote.  This entire thread is
available on google if you need some help.

I've reread this thread just to give you the benefit of the doubt.  I
never said I "thought you were the only person who found concurrent 
development to be an important aspect of a large project".  I can't defend
something I never said.  But it would nice if you were to
publicly explain why you need to drop to the level of mis-quoting
someone to make your point.  Are you:

a. Insecure about your own positions?
b. Unable to admit to yourself that you don't know everything?
c. A failed used car salesman?
d. Jerry Fallwell?
e. All of the above?


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Possessing and caressing me. -- John Lennon, Across the Universe |

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