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Re: Understanding problems with NFS & CVS.

From: Paul Sander
Subject: Re: Understanding problems with NFS & CVS.
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 14:33:45 -0700

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>[ On Wednesday, September 5, 2001 at 10:18:09 (-0700), Paul Sander wrote: ]
>> Subject: Re: Understanding problems with NFS & CVS.
>> To properly configure NFS, you must hard-mount the volumes (not soft-mount).
>> If there's an option to interrupt the NFS calls then enable that as well
>> (otherwise your clients become unresponsive to signals when the NFS server
>> hangs).

>The bigger and harder to detect and understand problems are usually more
>in the hardware end of things (though NFS file and record locking is
>still black magic and Sun themselves will only vouch for it in the most
>recent NFSv3 on the most recent versions of SunOS-5).

I didn't bother to mention this because CVS doesn't use these capabilities.
Its locking is done by mkdir, which is atomic even over NFS.  It does not
use lockf, flock, fcntl, or the "locking" call.

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