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CVS - File permissions changing

From: Colin Bester
Subject: CVS - File permissions changing
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 17:03:46 -0500

I am running cvs server on a linux box where my repository is sitting and am using a Windows 2000 box as the client - Both sides are running version 1.11

I have defined two groups, one called cvs and one called developers (purely happened this way).

I have assigned all directories and files permissions as:
   cvs is assigned as user with rwx permissions
   developers is assigned as grp with rwx permissions

I have also run "cvs watch on"  as I want to ensure that "cvs edit" is used by all developers to enable watchers.

When running "cvs edit somefile" the file is marked read-write on local pc and email is sent to other developers as expected.

My problem is that when "cvs commit -m '…….' somefile" is run, the file permissions for group and user are changed to the user who did the commit.

For example:
  before commit:
        -rwxrwx---    1 imsdev   develope     1689 Sep  5 16:46,v*
And after commit:
        -rwxrwx---    1 colinbes colinbes     1307 Sep  5 16:48,v*

I thought this might be due to locking and executed "cvs admin -U" to remove locking feature - this made no difference.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


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Texas, 78664   
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