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Re: WinCvs : via proxy

From: elfin
Subject: Re: WinCvs : via proxy
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2001 22:14:16 GMT

"elfin" wrote :
> I have used WinCvs for some time, and have recently changed
> our network at home. So instead of connecting directly, I
> know connect through a proxy.
> Is there an easy way of changing things over, without having
> to download everything again? I actually use cvs for one
> purpose, and have currently 75Mb worth of files which I
> don't really want to download again.
> So, any ideas?

Well I know it is a sign of madness, but I am following myself up!

It seems I have a workaround for this, though things didn't pan out as

I found somewhere, that you can try changing the cvs/Root(after navigating
via explorer) to include the proxy settings, but this didn't work. Someone
else had suggested deleting them altogether, which is what appears to have
worked. However the Root file hasn't been reset up as expected.

Can/does this affect anything, should I be worried, can this cause major

any answer would be nice :-)


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