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From: Ellison, Martin [IT]
Subject: Patches
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2001 15:02:42 +1000

Here is the (very rough) patch.

> I am coding some patches to:
> - warn on edit if a file already has another editor 
> (basically a rewrite of
> Michal Prussak's Feb 1997 patch)
> - allow the set of admin subcommands (for non-cvsadmin users) to be
> specified (currently only '-k').
> Both of these add extra settings to CVSROOT/config, so they 
> can be turned on
> and off at the repository level.

Also, I wanted to only change the server. These changes do not require any
modification to the client, so they can be used with other clients (e.g.
WinCVS) without change. 


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