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problem when commiting files

From: Mika Lehtonen
Subject: problem when commiting files
Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2001 12:44:47 +0300


I am using  WinCVS version 1.2 on a WinNT 4.0  and I have difficulties
with commmitting files to the  CVS repository (CVS version 1.11).  The
repository is located on a Unix (Irix 6.5) computer, and the hard disk
holding the  repository is locally mounted with  samba (server version
2.0.7 for Irix)  to my computer. However, this  problem does not occur
when I am  committing files which belong to a cvs  project I have self
created  (cvs   import  with   WinCVS)  from  my   personal  computer.
Furthermore,  committing files  from Linux  machines over  the network
using ssh as the CVS_RSH shell  works fine, so this should not (?)  be
a problem of file permissions.
Here is the error message that I'm getting (I can checkout/update 
the project from the repository):
 CVSROOT: //magnolia/sgia/cvs (local mounted directory)
 TCL is *not* available, shell is disabled
 cvs -q commit -m "just testing" Bud.h (in directory
 Checking in Bud.h;
 //magnolia/sgia/cvs/stl-lignum/include/Bud.h,v  <--  Bud.h
 new revision: 1.19; previous revision: 1.18
 cvs [commit aborted]: cannot rename file
 //magnolia/sgia/cvs/stl-lignum/include/,Bud.h, to
 //magnolia/sgia/cvs/stl-lignum/include/Bud.h,v: File exists
 *****CVS exited normally with code 1*****
But  when I  try to  commit the  WhiteBirch.h file  that belongs  to a
project  which is  created  and  imported to  the  repository from  my
personal computer everything goes just fine...
 cvs -q commit -m "just testing" WhiteBirch.h (in directory
 Checking in WhiteBirch.h;
 //magnolia/sgia/cvs/WhiteBirch/include/WhiteBirch.h,v  <-- 
 new revision: 1.3; previous revision: 1.2
 *****CVS exited normally with code 0*****

thanks in advance!


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