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Re: revert to previous version?

From: Robert Sundström
Subject: Re: revert to previous version?
Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2001 13:41:54 +0200

At 02:32 2001-09-06 , you wrote:
> Does VMS support redirection?

I'm pretty sure it does.  In the DEC line of thins I/O redirection
comes, IIRC, from RT-11 (if not from some earlier OS), and I'm sure VMS
will have any and every RT-11 user-interface feature....

Not really a CVS topic, but I can confirm that VMS supports a redirection which is syntactically similar to the Unix one. Earlier versions though (maybe before 6.0, the newest version is 7.2) required the user to redefine SYS$OUTPUT (standard output) manually before issuing the command to be redirected.

Robert Sundström
Mimer SQL Product Development
Upright Database Technology AB

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