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SV: How to keep "watch on" for all the files, all the time....???

From: ole-thomas . naringsrud
Subject: SV: How to keep "watch on" for all the files, all the time....???
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2001 01:03:52 +0200

Hello John, and thank you for your answer.

What I ment by checking is that I remove the sandbox after using the cvs
watch on command, and then do I new checkout. All files in the sandbox then
becomes read-only, which is what it supposed to be. When I do the same check
after some days, almost every file is now writeable. But as you say, anyone
can turn a watch on or off, so I guess that this has something to do with
the integrated CVS client in Netbeans. Anyone else who has expirienced this
kind of behaviour??


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Fra: John Gee [mailto:address@hidden
Sendt: 04. september 2001 00:48
Til: address@hidden
Emne: Re: How to keep "watch on" for all the files, all the time....???

On Tuesday, September 4, 2001, at 08:48  AM, ole-
address@hidden wrote:

> I'm using "cvs watch on" command to force every developer to use the 
> "cvs
> edit" command before editing files. But for some reason the watch seems 
> to
> be removed from the repository after a while. Most of the developers use
> Netbeans which has an integrated cvs client. Because the watch is 
> lost, I
> run the "cvs watch on" command from time to time. After each time I run 
> the
> command I check that every file is read only, this is always true. I was
> hoping that when I put the watch on, I would be the only user who could 
> turn
> it off. If this is not the case how can I keep the watch on for each 
> files
> in the repository.

Some comments from a non-expert:

Anyone can use "watch off" after you have used "watch on". The cvs 
philosophy is to encourage rather than enforce. :-)

In general, the watch on/off only affects the read-only state of files 
checked out subsequently. It doesn't affect files already on your local 
disk. When you say you check ever file is "read-only", what are you 

In one of the cvs clients I use, as well as in the raw cvs commands, it 
is initially a little confusing that watch on/off and watch add/remove 
are rather similar. Your developers may be unintentionally using watch 
on/off when they really want add/remove.

On the Macintosh, all of the clients I use allow files to be read-only 
by default independent of whether a watch is on, to encourage the use of 
"cvs edit". Your client may allow you to set similar preferences.
John Gee, ADInstruments
Programmers live in interesting times...

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