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Question for the CVS gurus out there..

From: Mark Lancisi
Subject: Question for the CVS gurus out there..
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2001 11:22:27 -0400

I just recently set up commit mail using the loginfo file and the supplied script on my cvs server.
This is all well and good, and works great.. EXCEPT..
In the commit mails, Author is always set to   cvsuser
I need this to equate to the actual username of the person checking in..
Here are some specifics about our set up:
The server machine is a linux box.
The CVSROOT/passwd file in the repo has all users set up as follows:
The owner and group of all files in the repo is as follows:
cvsuser     cvsadmin
Every actual user in /etc/passwd has their own group in /etc/group and with only 3 exceptions (myself, one other user and cvsuser), all users are members of their own groups.
The 3 exceptions are (supposed to be) administrators, who are members of the cvsadmin group, set up so only they have access to "cvs admin" commands (which, incidentally, does not currently seem to work. The only way we can get access to "cvs admin" commands is to remove the cvsadmin group completely, which opens "cvs admin" to all. Putting the cvsadmin  group back means no-one, including the 3 users who are members of that group, can use cvs admin . cvs reports that only members of the cvsadmin group can use cvs admin when its run, even if you are one ot the 3 admin users.. )
So the main issue here is that I need the commit emails to equate to real usernames. When I tried changing the CVSROOT/passwd file to make all users equate to their own system name  ie jsmith::jsmith,   only the users that were part of the cvsadmin group were able to commit files. The rest were locked out. It also looks like files committed by the cvsadmin group users had their ownership in the repo changed to those users, which I suspect would make those files unwritable to all other users..   I figure there must be a right way to do this, but I'm not sure what it could be... I tried changing the perl script ( to get ENV(USER) and/or ENV(LOGNAME) instead of using getlogin, as it does,  but both still returned "cvsuser" instead of the real username, so the commit mail still showed cvsuser as the Author..
Any help with this issue (and/or the cvsadmin group issue) would be GREATLY appreciated..

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