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huge ChangeLog files

From: Sam Steingold
Subject: huge ChangeLog files
Date: 07 Sep 2001 16:06:38 -0400
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while ChangeLog files can be generated from the CVS, some projects keep
a separate ChangeLog file under the CVS too.
E.g., in CLISP ( src/ChangeLog is 12000 lines,
500kB and at version 1.1140 now.

How do people handle things like this?

I thought of renaming the current ChangeLog to ChangeLog.1 and
truncating the original ChangeLog to zero size (and checking the empty
ChangeLog under revision 2.0).
If CVS supported file renames, like RCS does, I would have renamed
ChangeLog,v to ChangeLog.1,v and were done with it...

Thanks for any thoughts you would want to share...

Sam Steingold (
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