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CVS administration help???

From: Swapan Gupta
Subject: CVS administration help???
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 12:34:05 +0530


Is anybody working on the administering part of CVS for versions
I would like to have some information regarding controling access
privileges to the various users. 
What i want is how to allow some users to checkout stuff and some to
have rights to checkin?

The problem which i am facing is, I have a project in the CVS repository
for which I want to grant checkout/readonly rights to some of the users
and checkin/write access to some users.
1. Now i tried grouping the two into separate unix groups, and granted
write access to the CVS repository to the checkin group. I had added the
users in the checkout group to the readers file and the checkin group
users to writers file. But when i try to even checkout the project as
chekout group user, i get an error indicating that, i don't have write
access to the repository. I dunno why for the checkout group i require
write access to the repository. May be i require write access to some of
the files in CVSROOT but i dunno the exact files for which the write
access needs to be provided. May be u can help in this particular case,
or let me know if i am wrong somewhere??
2. Also i tried using a single unix group for all the users and split
the different users into the reader and writer file based upon the ones
i want to grant checkout and checkin rights respectively. But even in
this case i am unable to restrict the access.

Please let me know if u have any idea regarding this, though  i know it
should be pretty easy, but somehow i am not able to figure it out.

Thanks and regards,

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