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RE: checking in links to source control

From: Jeff King
Subject: RE: checking in links to source control
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 11:41:22 -0400

How does something that "implies a build system" have a drawback "as far as

Setup a Common or PerlCommon module in your repository. Control the
Config::INI in that module. This makes it clear that the file doesn't belong
to a specific project and doesn't require multiple global copies or a shared
network drive.

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> Subject: checking in links to source control
> 1) store Config::INI in a centralized location (inside of a central perl
> install)
> 2) make multiple copies of Config::INI in multiple directories.
> 3) make symlinks between the directories, one in each project.
> Now #1 and #2 have drawbacks as far as maintainablity. Storing
> libraries in
> a central location implies a build process of some sort. Copying libraries
> is foolish, but more convenient because the libraries are local
> to any given
> project.

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