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Re: Vendor Tag & Release Tag

From: Pierre Asselin
Subject: Re: Vendor Tag & Release Tag
Date: 10 Sep 2001 17:04:25 -0500

eric07 <address@hidden> writes:

>What are these used for.  Using WinCVS and when importing there is a
>Initial vencor and release tags section 
>with Vendor tag: avendor ( this is the default value )
>Release tag: arelease ( this is the default value )
>what do they mean as far as usage?

The vendor tag is cruft.  Normally there is only one vendor branch
(1.1.1) and the vendor tag just refers to it.  Pick some string that
you'll never forget and use that.  `avendor' is fine.

The release tags *are* important.  Pick something that describes
the distribution you are importing, e.g. `psutils_1_16' or `Mesa_3_4'.
When you import a new release, use an appropriate successor tag,
e.g. `psutils_1_17'.  If you made local changes, you will need
these release tags to merge them into the new release.  See the

If you are importing *your* sources, make up some release tag.
You will probably never use import again so the release tag isn't
too important.  Just pretend.

Pierre Asselin
Westminster, Colorado

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