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Future CVS Development

From: Lance Larsen
Subject: Future CVS Development
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 16:41:44 -0600

I am curious if there has been any talk of improving module support in CVS. It is fairly common for a software development group to have code that they would like to share among multiple projects. Sometimes (notably in the case of java) it is convenient to have the ability to group some files together (i.e. a package), but to also control which specific files are used in other modules. So for example, you might like to keep all of your source code for a single project together in a one source tree (i.e. 'src/org/gnu/...' or the like), but some of the source code resides in other projects in the repository. There is some capability now to map a bunch of files together as a module, but it is very limited and leads to awkward source trees when you combine multiple modules into a single module. One thing that would seem to be helpful is providing regular _expression_ support for which files will part of a module -- this would allow you to exclude files much more easily. Another feature that would be very helpful is the ability to map files (and folders) from different locations in the repository into a single module (currently you can only map a set of files into a module - you cannot include arbitrary folder in this mapping).
It seems like all of the work could be handled on the server side. The client would not need to know of the changes to how modules can be mapped, so older clients would still be compatible with a new server that had much more rich module support.

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