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RE: Remote cvs and security

From: Colin Bester
Subject: RE: Remote cvs and security
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 19:37:23 -0500

Greg, I would like to know what alternatives you are referring to.

The way I understand it is that all passwords used between client and
pserver are sent in clear text and as such irrespective of what you do,
it would be very easy to listen in on these and gain access to the
software files.

While cvs might have been designed for free source development and some
of us even agree with it, we don't always have this freedom of choice
and need to protect our data.

I am pretty new to these aspects as I have always worked in a closed and
'safe' environment and now find myself at the other end of the spectrum.

I would really appreciate some comments on what the correct steps would
be to secure this link.

Colin Bester    address@hidden

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> > Subject: RE: Remote cvs and security
> >
> > Well, pserver + CVSROOT/passwd is one thing, but using pserver with 
> > the default authentication of the system isn't so bad. 
> Passwords are 
> > stored in the same way that /etc/passwd encrypts them.
> I suppose that's fine if you've got a 100% private and 100% trusted
> (Virtual) Private Network, and you 100% trust all the clients 
> on that network, and provided that you don't need any real security.
> CVS pserver with CVSROOT/passwd is a security nightmare 
> otherwise.  It realy has no valid justification to exist at 
> all and should be eliminated because even on a 100% trusted 
> VPN the alternatives are still infinitely better from a 
> security perspective (there's absolutely no accountability 
> with pserver).
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