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Can I retrieve the original password from .cvspass ?

From: jkobierczynski
Subject: Can I retrieve the original password from .cvspass ?
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 19:11:18 GMT


I've a real nightmare problem. I've lost the administrator password on a
highly secured Windoze 2000 Machine in production. (I didn't
touched/modify/changed/whatever this password, as I know it for sure, but
anyway this machine don't believe me :-< ) On top of these problems I cannot
access the drives because the Raid-controller need special drivers for the
installation disks, and the password recoverytools I've tried doesn't
recognize the controller/drive. Add also the fact I use dynamic disks, so I
could use software raid, so I'm in a real mess! Now I want to use a cracking
tool on the server to find the administrator password, but I need to login
as a ordinary user anyway, or I will have to reinstall my machine from

The only possibility to login is with a ordinary cvs-user account, which I
didn't bother to note the password at creation (I know only for sure it
contains upper, lowercase letters and the number 3.), because I supposedly
wouldn't needed it again afterwards. I have this password, but encrypted.
Were can I find information to uncrypt this password???

This password is "A&b?>d=cooI" btw, the cvs server isn't accessable from
outside, so I don't bother that other people know this.

Thanks in advance.


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