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RE: checking in links to source control

From: Jeff King
Subject: RE: checking in links to source control
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 11:41:34 -0400

> From: Edward Peschko [mailto:address@hidden
> Sent: Monday, September 10, 2001 4:34 PM
> To: Jeff King
> Cc: address@hidden
> Subject: Re: checking in links to source control
> I want developers to see - locally - all of the perl libraries
> cross project.
> When I do a release, I want people to do a simple 'cvs checkout'
> to get the
> entire project, and have it *work on the spot*. I want them to be able to
> 'cd lib' into any project and get to the point where the
> libraries are stored.

And controlling the perl libraries in a separate module from your other
projects will accomplish just that. Is having to do "cvs checkout project"
really more difficult and complicated than "cvs checkout project", "cvs
checkout lib"? Is "cd ..\lib" more difficult than "cd lib"?

> I don't want people to need to set an environmental variable to
> point to the
> libraries, (that I need to put inside scripts), I don't want
> people to need to
> cd out of a directory to get to the libraries, I don't want
> people to need to
> go through any hoops in order to get their environment to work.

They won't need to have any kind of environment variables. Right now you're
hardcoding the path as "lib\"... just change that to "..\lib\". I don't
having the project-independent library files on the same directory level as
the main project directory requires jumping through hoops. It very clearly
demonstrates that the code in there is used by multiple projects and is
versioned separately.

> Another case. Say I have a script that is usable across multiple projects.
> Should I have one centralized copy, do a build process to make it
> magically
> available by path for the data files that exist in a project
> directory, or
> should I make it visible to each of the projects that I'm working
> on? With
> only a centralized copy, it requires environment settings,
> wrapper scripts, a
> nd a whole bunch of crap that is totally unnecessary just to make it work.

You're not making any sense. Again, how is having the path to the library
files be "..\libs\" and less visible to the projects than "libs\"?

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