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Questions about wincvs

From: Karl-Heinz Buth
Subject: Questions about wincvs
Date: 12 Sep 2001 09:28:14 -0700


I have some questions about winCVS 1.2 under Windows NT 4.0:

1. How do I redirect output from the output window to a file? I found
no place to enter an option for this, and using the command line for
something like "cvs status -v > output.txt" did not work as expected.
(In fact, the output still appeared in the output window, no file was
written, and winCVS crashed.)

2. How do I activate Tcl? The installation descriptions that I found
did not mention this topic.

3. How do I make winCVS display checked-out files in the working
directory that have not yet been modified? Only files that are
modified are displayed; they disappear again after committing the
changes. I find this behaviour rather strange; winCVS 1.06 did display
all sorts of files.


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