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Newbie Wants to Print List of Tagged Files

From: Gary Farmer
Subject: Newbie Wants to Print List of Tagged Files
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 15:45:32 -0500

I am just learning CVS.  I have created a repository and 
put some files into it.  I have associated tags "mytag" 
and "mytag2" with various versions of some files.  I would 
like to print a list of the filenames and revision numbers, 
but cannot figure out how.  

The manual seems to indicate the "log" command can to
something like what I want.  If I execute "cvs log", 
it prints all the information about all the files in 
the repository.  The manual indicates I can use the
"-r" option to print information about files with
specific tags.  However, when I execute "cvs log -rmytag2",
it still prints out information on all the files, even
those without tag "mytag2".  What I would really like
is just a list of the (filename, revision number) pairs
with the specified tag.  For example:

  dir1/file1  1.1
  dir1/file2  1.3
  dir2/filex  2.1

How can I get this?

Thanks in advance, 

Gary Farmer

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