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how to handle more than one project??

From: P.V.Sridhar Reddy
Subject: how to handle more than one project??
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 00:31:44 +0530


I have multiple projects which i wish to maintain through CVS.
If my cvs root is /usr/local/Repos.  

My problems are: 
        1) How do i create the repositories???
        2) I dont want the developers of one project to be able  to do any kind 
CVS operations on other project.  

        3) Within in a project, i want only one person to be able to checkin, 
for others only checkout permissions.

        how do i achieve this. Please tell me in detail what permissions i 
set to CVSROOT directory and each repository, and what extra configurations i 
need to do??

 Your help is greatly appreaciable.



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