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Automatically specify password

From: Pieter Meyer
Subject: Automatically specify password
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 09:49:02 +0200

I am trying to do a shell script to automatically login, update multiple
modules and then logout.
One thing I am trying to avoid is typing in the password every-time. I am
however having difficulty in getting this section done that needs to
continue without asking for a password. All the files exist and the
directories is pointing to the right places.

My current cvs version is WinCvs 1.2.
I am using MKS Toolkit on WIN 2000 running a standard shell script.

sh cvs_upd

# cvs_upd script files
HOME=d:/cvswork ; export HOME
CVSROOT=/cvs ; export CVSROOT
D:/WinCvs~1.2/cvs.exe -d :pserver:pieter:address@hidden:/cvs login
cd d:/cvswork/module1
D:/WinCvs~1.2/cvs.exe -P
cd d:/cvswork/module2
D:/WinCvs~1.2/cvs.exe -P
D:/WinCvs~1.2/cvs.exe -d logout

Any help would be appreciated. Please reply direct as I am not currently
subscribed to the mailing list.

I would like to use this script to save myself a bit of time by scheduling
it to run early in the morning before I come in, to update my modules.




 Pieter J. Meyer              MIP Holdings (Pty) Ltd
  Technical Consultant         MIP House
                               4 Coombe Place
  Cell  : +27 (0)82 490 4700   Rivonia, Johannesburg
  Tel   : +27 (0)11 803 1281   Gauteng, 2128
  Fax   : +27 (0)11 807 1732   South Africa


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