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Re: Stickiness

From: Philip Lijnzaad
Subject: Re: Stickiness
Date: 13 Sep 2001 12:05:05 +0100

> Does someone have a good definition of what
> "stickiness" is in relation to CVS?  Thanks.

The CVS repository doesn't know or care what you or others check out of it;
it is typically the latest stuff on the default branch, but need not be.

The details of your check-out are stored locally (in CVS/Entries). 

If something (i.e., a file; nothing else can be) is sticky, it simply means
that it is checked out using a non-default setting. This can be either a
different branch, a different revision (e.g. 3.2, rather than 'the latest on
the default branch), or a different date. 

Perhaps worth repeating here: the CVS repository knows absolutely nothing
about who checked-out/updated which versions where. (Well, actually, it might
have recorded it somewhere, but it certainly doesn't care). All the 'state'
of a repository is stored in the topology of the directories under $CVSROOT,
and in the contents of the *,v files in this tree; nowhere else. 

Real programs don't eat cache (Malay)
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